Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some Stitching To Show

I've been stitching on and off for the past 10 days or so. Some nights I've not picked up my stitching at all, then others I've done a good few hours.
I've been having real problems deciding on my new start so haven't actually done one yet. I am more or less decided now that it will be Ink Circles Cirque Des Cercles stitched using Vikki Clayton silks in Caribbean Splash, but I'm still waiting for the silks to arrive so not 100% until I see them in person. I had a problem with ordering them in that I ordered regular silks but Vikki had sold out and isn't going to dye anymore. She offered to send me the premium silk instead, but then I realised that the premium will need to be stitched over a lower count fabric so it will make the whole thing larger, and in turn I'm going to need more. So I need to make sure when it arrives that it really is what I want, then I'm going to order a few more skeins to make sure I will have enough before I start.
I've also been waiting for the last part of the Heirloom Embroideries Mystery to arrive, but to no avail. It was due out at the beginning of June and I know quite a few people have been wondering about it. Anyway, it seems that Carol has been having more problems with her computer and that's why we've not had replies to emails and posts on her forum. I don't know the reason for the delay in the packs actually being sent, but they are supposed to be being sent out by Tuesday at the latest so we'll see what Wed/Thur brings!
And due to the hot weather we WERE having up to last week, I've also been avoiding stitching on my latch hook rug as it's just too big and I get all hot and bothered with it laid allover me lol. So I pulled out my Tomboy QS for one evening for something to do, and just carried on with it! I've now reached the very bottom in the section I've been stitching so you can see how big she is going to be, and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to get the rug out later to at least do a little bit on, and with the mystery arrives and my silks I'll be busy with other things, but I'm determined now to get her out again soon and keep going, I want her finished this year!


Julie said...

You've made great progress on Tomboy Lisa, she's looking wonderful, well done

Claire said...

Tomboy is coming along a treat - very pretty!

Hope you get your VC threads and Heirloom pack soon.


Stitcher said...

Coming along nicely. I enjoy your progress pics.

Stitchingranny said...

This is fantastic looks almost like a photograph. Glad you are enjoying your stitching again Lisa.

Sally said...

Tomboy is looking brilliant Lisa. So pleased you have come back to her.