Monday, April 5, 2010

More Progress With My Weight Loss Than Stitching

Happy Easter everyone, hope you've all had a great weekend. Ours has been fairly quiet as DH has been on call for work so we've not been able to go far, but I have actually stitched a little which is progress lol.
I'm very pleased to say that my 61lbs loss I reported in my last post has now increased to 79lbs! I've now lost 5 dress sizes in 8 months and have been learning to run on the treadmill at the gym for the last couple of months, which is something I never thought I'd do. I've signed up for the Race For Life on the 3rd July so now need to start getting used to running outside on grass. I've tried it once and it was a major shock to the system, so going to use the same programme I've used to get me into treadmill running to start with the outside running and hope that works as well.
Stitching wise I seem to have startitis, but once I've actually started something I then lose all interest in it...
I have done a little more on my Personalised Sampler, as well as starting a new HAED in silks from HDF, QS Garnet, and Just Nan's Winter Hearts Humbug. I have decided that I no longer enjoy stitching with 2 strands of floss which Winter Hearts requires, so that is getting a few stitches here and there just so I can keep making progress, but I'm planning on as many new starts as possible being with just 1 strand in future. The Personalised Sampler has also just been getting a few stitches here and there. I've started a 10 stitches a day SAL sort of thing with JM from the HAED BB and Sally also joined in with one of her UFO's. So the humbug and PS get approx 10 stitches a day in on them, some days more, some none at all, but at least I can see progress is being made. HAED QS Garnet is lovely to stitch so far, the silks are gorgeous colours and just glide through the fabric. The picture doesn't do it justice at all, the colours blend much better than they look on the pic, but you get the idea.
And I have another three starts in the pipeline. Sampler Cove's Rhapsody in Red in HDF silks, Ink Circles Kaleidoscope in DMC, and a new design called Follow Your Heart which is winging it's way to me from France as we speak hopefully (will use HDF for this but not sure what colours yet). Not sure which will get started first, depends on my mood the next week or so I guess lol.
Thanks for looking and for continuing to read my blog, even though I'm useless at posting regularly.