Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly (Almost) Update

I don't seem to be able to think of exciting titles for my posts I'm afraid lol, so had to use something really obvious.
Have had a good stitching week again this week and pleased with the progress I've made on all my wips. I'm afraid it's going to be the same wips for you to look at for a while yet, so hope you don't get too bored. Hopefully the Sock Monkey ornament and then Spooky will be finished this year, but my Personalised Sampler and Alisha are here to stay I think lol.

I've been having thoughts of what I'd like to stitch in 2011 and although I have other wip's/ufo's that could do with some attention, at the moment I think I want to keep going with PS and Alisha while I'm enjoying them and then devote the rest of my time to ornaments and small to medium projects so I can have some finishes and maybe even finish a biggie next year. Saying that though, I'm also daydreaming of a new start for 1st Jan 2011. I would love to start another biggie, but almost all my wip's/ufo's are biggies, so I think it needs to be a small/medium which I have a hope of finishing one day lol, and if so then it needs to be one I've wanted to start for a while. Or maybe I could start something I've given a bit of thought to, a monthly ornament for 2011? Not just christmas ornaments, but more seasonal. What do you think?
I have carried on adding my stash to an inventory as well over the last week, and the more I add the more I think I could open my own shop lol. I REALLY shouldn't be buying anymore charts as I've enough for me and all of you to stitch for the rest of our lives without worry I think pmsl. But that still doesn't stop me wanting to order more. At the moment I've got the Kelmscott Tombstone Angel and Monogram Hornbook in my cart along with some fancy scissors and tweezers at Anita's Little Stitches, but I haven't pressed the place order button just yet. I've also seen the upcoming releases from CCN and Christmas Carols is absolutely gorgeous, one I really am going to have to get at some point. And then I saw some new Dinky Dyes scissors which are heart scissors and available in purple or hot pink, some of my favourite colours, and they both want to come home to live with me. See my problem? I keep thinking of placing a big order and then going on the wagon for a few years hehe, but I don't think it's going to happen so I'm just trying to be good one day at a time lol.
Til next time, happy stitching and stashing!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loving This Stitching Lark

I still can't believe how good it feels to have got my stitching mojo back. It went missing really about a year ago and no amount of searching for it helped. I kept reading the odd blog and checking out new releases at the various ONS', and even stitched a little bit, but it all felt like a chore for so long I actually thought that I'd never enjoy my stitching again. So this last few weeks I don't know what has changed, but suddenly my interest has perked up again and I'm really enjoying my stitching sessions. I'm loving the very loosely termed "rotation" I've set up for myself, seeing the progress I'm making each week on my wips and just generally being able to relax with needle and thread again. I've even started cataloging my stash this last few days so that I can actually look and see what I have and what I want to start in the not too distant future lol. I have to say that it's frightening seeing how much I have, and knowing that I'll never in a million years be able to stitch it all, but I'm not going to let myself worry about it (or stop buying more pmsl!), I'm just going to enjoy it.
So what have I been stitching on this last week?Nouveau Encore Designs Personised Sampler - Here is my progress up to yesterday. I'm now on page 2 and working on the top border. This came out again last night and I finished the border on the page and have made a start on the letter C.
Next up is HAED QS Alisha by Hannah Lynn Disney. I spent a couple of nights last week filling in some of the confetti that was left, then started the next bit going towards the right hand border. I was really pleased when I uploaded the pic off the camera today and compared it to last week's as I can really see some progress.
Waxing Moon's Spooky Greetings Bellpull came out last Fri and Sat which I'm SAL'ing on with Sally while she stitches on Shores. Friday I didn't really enjoy it as 2x2 seems so big to me nowadays, plus I wasn't at all well and had been up most of the night Thursday night feeling like death warmed up, but on Saturday I got into it more and enjoyed it. I think SAL'ing on this with Sally is going to be a really good thing as it's something I think that would probably get overlooked otherwise, whereas with two evenings a week on it I think I can maybe have it done pretty quickly.
And finally here is my new start from Sunday, the sock monkey ornament from this year's JCS Ornament Issue. Again this is 2x2 because of the mitten buttons it uses, and his body is stitched using 1 strand each of cream and dark brown (is it called tweeding?) which is a bit monotonous, but I took a break to stitch his happy red mouth and then went back to do a bit more body lol. I think with only one day a week on it it might take longer than I'd originally thought, so I put another 20 or so stitches in it again yesterday afternoon, and think I'll keep doing that every couple of days or so, concentrating on his body, so that won't seem too bad and will hopefully see him finished quicker.
Well I think that's it for today, I'm off to take my contact lenses out now, then I'm going to sync my mobile and ipod and then hopefully put those few stitches in on sock monkey before hubby brings DD home from school in an hour. Then tonight I'm looking forward to a long evening stitching more on PS.
Thank you so much to those who left comments on my last post after finishing ABC. It really cheers me up when I see I've had a comment and that other people are interested in what I'm stitching, and just makes me want to stitch all the more!
Til next time, happy Tuesday.