Monday, October 27, 2008

Life & Stitching

Last week at work we were all waiting with baited breath to hear news as to whether the reduced hours would save our jobs for the time being or if some of us would be getting redunancy notices. This meant I wasn't exactly in the mood for stitching on a night, just couldn't concentrate, so after finishing part 5 of the Papillon mystery I put my stitching way (no pic I'm afraid yet).
One thing I did decide after sending Karan her prize from my contest was that I miss being in exchanges and sending my friends stitched items and gifts. I haven't taken part in any since early this year when I hit a slump and was scared I couldn't keep up with them, so I've joined a little xmas stocking exchange on the Tranquil Stitches BB and am also doing a private xmas ornament exchange with one of my stitching friends in the USA. I so love to see what people receive in exchanges on their blogs, and often wonder about the exchange boards they are on as I've never come across them myself. Does anyone know, are these sort of things invite only generally? I don't want to commit myself to lots of exchanges again just yet, but will see how the 2 I've signed up for go and take it from there. All I know right now is that I'm excited to be exchanging again.
And talking of the private xmas ornament exchange, I've finished the stitching for that today after only starting it yesterday! I decided I felt like some xmas stitching but it took me a few days to find the right ornament and kit it up as I always procrastinate that lol. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, now I just need to decide how to finish it into an ornament. No pic of that either I'm afraid and it will be a good while before it can be revealed as my exchange partner reads my blog.
I've also been thinking more about joining in the UFO night on the Stitch & Stash BB again. Julie does a stirling job along with Mr Stick in beating people until they stitch on their UFO's, erm I mean encouraging them lol, and while I'm being a bit flaky about my stitching right now in general I think that if I can at least put in one evening a week on a UFO I might feel like I'm making progress on something. Going to give it more thought, but it's seeming like a good idea right now.
And back to work, finally late Friday afternoon we had an email saying that the reduced hours had been passed, and asking us to decide which day we want to take off each week, starting 17th Nov for approx 6 months. I've chosen Monday's as it will mean a longer weekend for me, and after the worry of thinking we were going to be out of a job altogether the reduced hours are a welcome alternative. I've decided to make the most of it while it lasts, the reduced money isn't ideal, but the extra time at home will be wonderful, especially in the run up to xmas, and hopefully overall it will mean more stitching time as well lol.
Well, enough of me waffling, seem to have got carried away there, guess that's what you get for having a couple of days off for half-term, going to the cinema and then a play barn with Erin, and xmas stitching and writing most of your xmas cards whilst there!!! I think I must be giddy with the shock of being organised!
Til next time, have a great week everyone (hugs).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boo Winner

Sorry I'm late with the draw, the weekend didn't go as planned so a bit behind with everything lol.
Anyway, without further ado, Boo's new owner is.......


Can you please let me have your snail mail addy Karan and I'll get it in the post to you asap.
Thanks for entering!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Enforced Wagon Time

Well, it's been coming but was still a huge shock when an emergency departmental meeting was called at work for 2pm today.
We've been told that unless enough people are prepared to reduce their hours by working say 4 days instead of 5 for the time being, then redundancy consultations will begin on Monday. As much as everyone needs every penny with living costs going up as they are, the majority of us have agreed that we would rather try to manage like this for 6 months or so in the hope things improve, than risk having a redundancy notice on our desk in the next couple of weeks.
I'm trying to think positively in that it will mean I'll have more time at home to do the things I'm always trying to fit in on an evening. We are going to have to tighten our belts though and part of that is obviously going to mean me climbing on the stash wagon for the foreseeable. Anyone got any tips lol?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boo To You!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who left me a lovely message after my last post with hugs and support etc, it means so much to me. Things here are still not great but I'm trying to stay positive and thankfully I've been stitching a little more which has helped.
I've been working on Cirque as it's easy going with no colour changes and last weekend I finished page 2 which is my third page, taking me to officially over half done!
I may go back to it soon and carry on, but for the last few days I've been working on my HAED Cabin In The Woods. I spent 2 nights getting really frustrated as I was in confetti central and just wasn't making any progress so in the end decided to start at the opposite side of the page which isn't as bad, and haven't been doing too badly. Will show a pic once I've got more done.
Then today I've mustered every ounce of courage and made up the Just Nan Boo Tin! Now I don't have any finishing flare lol, so it really is scary for me to try to finish off something I've taken ages stitching and it makes me feel really nervous the whole time I'm doing it in case I make a mistake or it doesn't turn out right. But apart from having to fiddle with the twisted cording I'm really pleased with the result on Boo. DH has now been instructed to get the halloween decs down from the loft this afternoon so Erin and I can put them up and display my new tin!

And in recognition of the kindness of stitching friends I am now doing a draw for the Boo chart and leftover beads. Obviously there will be no tin, web charm or ribbon, but I'm sure you imaginative stitchers can work around that lol. So, if you'd like to enter, please post a comment and saying you want to be entered, and I'll draw a name a week today and then get the chart in the mail to the winner on the 20th Oct, so you'll still have time to stitch it for halloween if you get your skates on!