Monday, June 18, 2007

My Silks....

For Cirque have arrived!!!!!
I'm so excited, and the colour is just perfect for what I was wanting! I've been and ordered some more skeins to make sure there is no chance of me running out, and now I just need to choose fabbie and I'm ready to roll!
Also in my package was AMAP Victoria's Quaker chart and the silks to stitch that with, which looks gorgeous as well. It's going to be hard not starting that as well, but it will have to go in the to do pile for now.
Here's hoping this week is the start of a much better stitching and stashing week!


Julie said...

so are you stitching it tonight then??? LOL

Claire said...

Glad your silks arrived Lisa. Will you be making ANY new starts soon? hehehe


Sally said...

Enjoy your new stash Lisa.

Stitchingranny said...

ooohhh lovely I love new stash, are we going to see a picci of all your new silks Lisa.