Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About Turn - Sort Of

Well, I went to hand in my notice at work on Monday and was met with a very unexpected reception. My boss (who has also become a good friend) was in a real state and begged me not to leave! She said that she would do anything she could to get me to stay. I explained that I love working for her, but the stress is getting to me and it's worse when she is not there and I've got to do all the work on my own. I also explained that I don't want Erin to be pushed from pillar to post when she starts school, always being at out of school clubs etc, and that she needs her mum around more. She said to leave it with her and we would talk some more today, but to give it more thought. So last night DH and I talked more and DH said that the only thing really that would make it worthwhile me staying would be for me to do school hours, which I said was no way they would allow as my boss finishes at 3pm on a Thur and Fri to go get her daughter from school.
So this morning I went to work and when my boss arrived she looked terrible. She said she hadn't slept for worrying about it and had decided if she couldn't do something to make it so I would stay then she was leaving as well. She said that she had an idea and was going to go see one of the Partners of the firm and would come back to me. She came back down about 15 minutes later and said that she had got the Partner to agree that if I would stay I could work 9.15-2.30 Mon-Wed and 9.15-5.00 Thur & Fri, which would mean I could take Erin to school everyday, and pick her up Mon-Wed. My mum had already agreed previously that she would pick Erin up from school on a Friday and take her to her house for tea, so that would just leave Thur with Erin going to the after school club.
Soooo, after talking to DH some more on the phone we decided that I would agree to do the new hours starting when Erin starts school, on the proviso that I will give it a try for two/three months, and if I still feel it's not working then I will leave and there will be no hard feelings.
My boss has also agreed that we will have alternate school holidays off, so that we can plan well in advance what holidays we will be having etc, and I've been told by her and the Partner that I am to take on less work generally and when my boss is on holiday I've to pass work to the other Solicitors to deal with rather than trying to do it all myself.
So whilst it's an about turn on what I had planned, I'm hoping that this arrangement will solve a lot of the problems that were stressing me out, whilst still meaning I am earning a wage.
My boss is under no illusion however that this is it, problem solved completely, but I'm going to give it a go and if it doesn't work then I will leave knowing I've tried everything I can, and knowing that I'm meant to stay at home full-time. So watch this space!


Itching To Stitch said...

You must be a real asset at your workplace for your boss to want to hang on to you so much. What a wonderful boss to be so flexible. And kuddo's to you for saying you'll give it a try but not totally commit in case it still doesn't work out. I hope all works out best for you, your daughter and hubby ;)

Sally said...

Hope your new hours work out well for you Lisa. As you say you can give it a try and if it doesn't work you can leave. {{{{hugs}}}}

Paula said...

Hi Lisa, good luck with the new time arrangements at work I hope they work out the way you want them.
Happy stitching.....

Julie said...

I hope your new arrangements work out for you and that you feel less stressed

Stitchingranny said...

That sounds like a brilliant compromise Lisa. I hope it works for you but if it doesnt then just remember your family and yourself are the important ones.