Saturday, June 2, 2007

A New Month

Well May was rather a wash out for me stitching wise, I can't even really remember what I stitched on, only that it wasn't much.
I did a little on HAED Always Dreaming QS, stitched my stitching accessory for the Jayne's Attic Exchange, and did the May section of the Heirloom Embroideries Huswif Mystery, but I think that was it.
Now that I've made some decisions about my family's future, although I am worried about the money aspect, I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off me and I am calmer than I have been in a long time. I am looking to the future with optimism and excitement.
I've removed my rotation list from my side bar and replaced it with a monthly goal list at Julie's suggestion, and I feel much happier with that idea.
So for June I want to finish the Huswif Mystery, finish Indigo Rose Bee Charmer Biscornu (had initially just wanted to work on it, but after getting addicted to it last night I want to finish it lol) work on my Eeyore Latch Hook Rug and have a new start (I had put that it would be Papillon Serendipity Freebie, but other things are calling right now so I'll just say a new start!).
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves comments, they are really appreciated and brighten my day.


Sally said...

Good luck with your goals Lisa!

Julie said...

you've got me wondering what the new start might be now ???

Claire said...

Good luck with your new goals list for the month - quite a good idea. I never seemed to have lifted off with Helen's idea with one thing or another....

SO what will your new start be?


Edda said...

Looking forward to seeing what your new start will be. Good luck with working on your new goals, I´ll be popping in to see your progress.

All the best,

Mary Ann said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new start and good luck with your goals!!