Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finishing Fun

Well, my first week back at work wasn't too bad thank goodness. I was a nervous wreck last Sunday and then Monday morning I felt physically sick, it was like being the new girl again! Anyway, once I'd been back a few hours I settled down and now it feels like I've never been away.
As it's DH's and my Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday I thought I'd better try to get Always & Forever finished finished this weekend to give to DH.
Now I've only made one flatfold before so was still quite nervous about doing this one. I had to choose backing fabric from my stash and didn't really have much choice of suitable pieces, but didn't have time to go shopping for something else. The finishing took less time than I expected and although it's not perfect I am pleased with the finished result on the whole. I have to say that flatfolds aren't my favourite finishing technique, can't quite seem to get on with them like I do with pinkeeps etc, but as an alternative to framing a smallish piece of stitching I think they're a great idea.

This week I've been working on Celtic Autumn for the first time in a LONG time lol. The pics are before and after so I'm pleased with the progress I've made this time around. The most recent pic is also a much better colour match to the real thing, the original pic was awful. I have Spring, Summer, Autumn and Xmas in my stash and would like to stitch them all eventually, so I figured it was time to give Autumn some regular attention so at least one of them might get finished one day. I'm not a great fan of beading so am trying to do it as I go along. I've tended to do a bit of stitching then add a few beads and so on and it's not too bad that way. She will be up again in my rotation in about a month so you'll be seeing more of her then.
Yesterday I stitched on Cirque and made good progress, but don't want to risk boring everyone with a pic showing just one day's stitching every week so think I'll probably post a pic every couple of weeks instead.
Next up in the Papillon mystery again for a couple of days. I'm hoping to finish Part 3 this time around!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend and all my fellow UK'ers aren't suffering too badly in all the rain we're having. It's sunny here right now but daren't put any laundry out as it's sure to be raining again before I know it.


Sally said...

Your flatfold is lovely Lisa. Hope you and David have a lovely anniversary on Wednesday.

Good progress in Celtic Autumn:)

Pleased to hear work wasn't as bad as you expected.

Karan said...

Glad all went OK on your first day back (((((hugs))))).
Love the flat-fold finish for A&F. Wow, great progress on CA too. :0)
Not sure what's happening here: had some proper sunshine yesterday & got it again today! Washing has still gone under the carport though - don't trust it enough to put it out back. :0)

Vonna said...

Your flatfold looks flawless to me :)

stitchinfiend said...

Congrats on your anniversary. DH & I celebrate one this month too. I love your flatfold. I had a go at doing a flatfold last year.
Glad work was better than expected.

Anonymous said...

I love your flatfold Lisa, love the colour of the thread you used.

good progress on Autumn

glad work wasn't as bad as you had expected

Happy anniversary!

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Lisa. Bet hubby was pleased with his little stitched flatfold its lovely. Thats something I haven't attempted yet.