Monday, September 22, 2008

How Does Your Monday Go?

I've got the usual Monday blues, not helped by still worrying about the Paypal fiasco. We managed to get all the cards stopped so now it's the waiting game while the new cards come through and we see if we will get the money back from Paypal. We have decided that if/when it is resolved, if we get our money back we are in future going to use an old bank account we have never got around to closing just for Paypal, and just keep a small amount in it for that purpose only, so this can never happen again. Thanks for all the messages I received, it makes me feel a bit better at least knowing people care.
Now onto what this blog is supposed to be about, stitching! Here are my HAED Alisha QS and the Papillon mystery How Does Your Garden Grow with Part 4 now complete. I've also done a little more on Cirque but want to wait til I finish the page til I take another pic.

The past couple of weeks I've carried on with my rotation but have missed quite a few nights of stitching which isn't good for my sanity lol. Anyway, I've finally finished the round and I'm pleased with what I've achieved, especially on HDYGG.
I've been wanting to start the SALexandre with Sally and we had planned to begin this month, but I couldn't help thinking that I shouldn't be starting another big project at the moment when I want to make more progress on my wips. So we've decided to put it on hold for now and we'll see how we're both set in another few months or so.
In the meantime I've decided to keep my slots in the rotation as they are, but rather than a set time on each project I'm just going to stitch on it for as long as I'm enjoying it. If it's one I'm not particularly enjoying I can move on, but have to have at least put in a few stitches. I'm hoping this way that I can make much more progress on my focus pieces, Cirque and HDYGG, and maybe even finish one of them before the end of the year so I can free up a slot, whilst still making some progress on my others and mostly not getting bored.
So it's back to slot 1 today, which is smalls, and I get a new start which I'm really excited about! With halloween coming up next month I couldn't resist the new Just Nan Boo Tin and Needlebook when they came out, and have been dying to start one of them since they arrived. I have plumped for the tin first and now have everything laid out at the side of me on the sofa for when Erin has gone to bed!
Hope you all have a good week. Thanks to all my readers and those who take the time to leave a comment. And welcome to my new commentors, it's lovely to see some new faces here. I've been very lax in reading and commenting on blogs this past couple of weeks, have just been finding it hard to settle, but I hope to rectify that soon.


Hazel said...

Great wips! I want to start the SALexander (sp??) so please remember me when you come to start it. I would love to SAL with you both. x

stitchinfiend said...

I am so jealous of you Alisha QS. I am wanting badly to start a Disney chart. I hope that the Paypal is sorted out soon so that you can stop worrying.
Love your Garden stitching too.

Karan said...

The HAED looks good - looking forward to watching that develop. Love your Pap SAL, such pretty colours.
Oh, I've been trying so hard to resist the JN Boo! pieces (gave in & got the Hop! needlebook though). Looking forward to seeing your pieces. :0)

Sally said...

Both your WIPs lok gorgeous Lisa. It's good to see you stitching quite a bit more now.

I do hope you get everything sorted out soon.

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely stitching Lisa. I too am thinking of leaving the rotation aside for a while. I think because I am finding so little time to stitch at the moment I do not feel like I am getting anywhere.