Sunday, March 18, 2007

What A Week

Well, it's ended up with the whole family being ill this week. After Erin being ill at the start of the week, DH started with the flu on Wednesday (it is actually the flu I admit, not man flu lol) and is still no better. He's going to have to give in and go to the doctors tomorrow as he can't carry on like this, it's made his asthma so much worse and can hardly breathe. And then I started on Friday night with the same as Erin I think, headache, achy, really tired, and hot and cold. Then to top it all off late Friday night Erin woke up screaming in pain and it turns out she has another ear infection, so DH had to take her yesterday to see the on call doctor to get her some antibiotics. I'll be glad when March is over if this is what it brings...
Despite all this though I've still managed to get a good bit of stitching in on and off, so am really pleased. I stitched part 2 of the Heirloom Embroideries Mystery during the week, then Fri and Sat I finished off the Easter Tuck for the Tranquil Stitches exchange and will be putting that in the post to it's new home tomorrow hopefully. I've taken a pic but can't show it til it's received. I also received my tuck from my partner Karen54 which is really cute. Erin keeps disappearing with it so have had to hang it out of reach lol.
Then today Jayne of Jayne's Attic released week 3 of the Hardanger SAL and as soon as I saw it I dropped everything else and did this week's part lol. Granted, there wasn't a lot to do this week, but for those whose first time it is at hardanger it's the cutting week, and I can remember back to the first time I did any and I was terrified, it took me ages! This time I didn't even flinch so I must be learning lol. There were also a few eyelets to stitch but I did those as well without any problems. I guess I'm getting used to doing hardanger!
So now it's back to something I've been looking forward to for ages, stitching on one of my HAED's!!!! I pulled Always Dreaming QS out late last night when I suddenly felt a bit brighter, to check everything was ready to go, and sort of got sucked in for half an hour lol.
Officially as it's Sun it's small stitching I should be working on, and next in line is the Lavender Mandala Sally, Julie and I are starting, but not til next weekend I think, so I just need to get it kitted up then that's ready to go, but it's not something I like doing with Erin around as she tends to get carried away with the thread colours lol and they end up everywhere.
SO, I think Always Dreaming might be getting some extra attention! Yay!!!
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and those who comment as well. I sometimes think that I'm talking to myself lol, so it's great when I see that someone has left me a comment. I spend so many hours reading blogs, I just love them, although I do read a lot of them at lunchtimes at work and for some reason it won't let me post comments from the pc there. I keep meaning to update my list of favourite blogs, and I do keep adding the odd one when I can, but I read so many it's going to be a loonngg list hehe. Hugs to everyone.


Karen said...

your stitching is great Lisa well done, I should get a wriggle on with part 2 of the SAL then part 3 LOL

Klementina said...

Nice craft!
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Sally said...

Lovely stitching Lisa. I really like the Heirloom Embroideries one.

Hope you are all feleing better soon. Sending lots of healing hugs your way. xxx

Deanne J said...

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Your stitching looks great

Julie said...

hope you're feeling better and DH and DD are on the mend too

your stitching looks fab, now you can get to grips with the HAED for a week or two LOL