Sunday, March 11, 2007

My First Flat Fold!

I managed to finish Wordsworth on Friday night, although if it hadn't been a gift for a friend it would have probably ended up out of the window, as the backstitch was a complete nightmare to do, allover the place! lol I made it up into my first flat fold this morning and although it took me a while to do and I had to make adjustments as I went along, I am really really pleased with it for my first attempt and will definitely be making more. Again, I followed the instructions I'd found in someone's blog then did my own thing as I went along lol. I've taken loads of photos of it at different angles as this will be going to it's new home tomorrow, and I know I'll need to refer back to the pics when I do another one.
Last night I stitched part of the Hardanger SAL on Jayne's Attic and I just love this so far. The colours remind me of the fruit salad chews I used to have as a child, wonder what happened to them?
Next thing I need to do is kit up the Easter Tuck I'm stitching for the exchange on Tranquil Stitches, so I can take that to work to stitch in my lunchtimes next week, and then get it off to my exchange partner.
I'm also taking part in March's G Is For Green Exchange on TS and want to get the last few things for that this week and then get that sent off as well, then I'm up to date.
Which leads me onto my new attempt at a rotation which will start tomorrow lol. I've really been missing working on my HAED's lately and it's been made worse by Sally and Julie doing so well on their's, so I figured the only way to do it is to try a rotation again.
So I will work on my big projects Mon-Fri, one per week, and then small projects Sat & Sun.
The rotation will start off as follows, as per the weeks of the month:-
Week 2 - Mystery SAL
Week 3 - Always Dreaming QS HAED
Week 4 - Eeyore Latch Hook Rug
Sat and Sun will be the Hardanger SAL for now and the Easter Tuck if I don't get it finished during this next week, and the Chatelaine Sally, Julie and I are due to start soon.
Week 1 of the month will be Tomboy QS HAED which will come out the first week of April.
I have decided that much as I love the exchanges I'm taking part in I think I've taken on a bit much lately, so I'm not joining in anymore for another couple of months or so, so that I can get myself caught up and work on some long ignored wip's.
Off to kit up the Easter Tuck now!


Julie said...

WOW Lisa, your flatfold looks stunning, your friend will be delighted with it

love the fabby and threads for the SAL, roll on week 3 LOL

Good Luck with the rotation, i hope Eeyore doesn't hurt your arm when it comes round to his turn again

Sally said...

Your flatfold is brilliant Lisa. I am sure your friend will love it.

Your SAL looks great. I love the colours.

You can do this rotation Lisa! Cheering you on here! {{{hugs}}}

Karen said...

I am sure your friend will love the flat fold if she doesn't you could always send it this way as it looks great ;o)
Your Sal looks lovely I still havent had part 2 yet and I have asked 3 times lol :o(

Heather said...

Fruit salads are still around Lisa. I had a packet today.

Well done on your flat fold.