Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don't Mention Wrapped Bars...

Jayne of Jayne's Attic released the final part of the hardanger SAL this morning and despite being enthralled with the Chatelaine Lavender Mandala Garden that Sally, Julie and I started yesterday as a SAL the idea of a happy dance was too much to pass up. Little did I realise that wrapped bars don't like me. It's the first time with any hardanger stitch that I've really got frustrated as they just seem so fiddly, and if I'm honest it upset me as I've loved everything I'd done so far. But I persevered and finished it in the end and I am actually pleased with it for a first attempt. As I went on I got used to them a bit and found ways to make it easier and neater, so maybe next time I'm unfortunate enough to have to do some it won't be as painful.
I spent Mon-Fri this last week working on my HAED Always Dreaming QS which was really great to get back to after so long. I managed to finish the first half page and start the next half and it felt really good to see some progress. Now I'm back to a rotation she will be getting some more attention next month so she won't be gone for long.
Now I'm off to try and do a little more on the mandala before bed. I'll post a pic as soon as I take one lol.


Julie said...

your SAL looks gorgeous Lisa, your 'WRAPPED BARS' are perfect !!!

love Always Dreaming, she's growing nicely

should be doing my mandala instead of being on here LOL

Sally said...

The SAL looks lovely Lisa. Don't worry about the wrapperd bars, they look fine.

Always Dreaming is beautiful

Deanne J said...

Your SAL looks wonderful, great progress on the HAED.

Claire said...

Your stitching is gorgeous Lisa. Love the threads you used for the SAL.

I really should get my HAEDs out - even set up a rotation that I could stick to!