Monday, March 12, 2007

My Baby Is Poorly

We went out for lunch yesterday and DD was fine, but then mid afternoon she started going downhill. She had a high temp, felt red hot to the touch, had a rash and said she felt sick and her head hurt. DH checked her over and couldn't find anything too wrong, so we decided it had to be a bug. So I didn't get anything done yesterday afternoon or evening and I ended up spending the night in her room with her as she kept waking up crying, so got very little sleep.
This morning she seemed a little brighter and as I don't get paid if I don't go to work DH and decided to try taking her to nursery and see what happened. She was in floods of tears as she didn't want to go, but I promised to ring at lunchtime and check on her, and told her teacher to ring if there was a problem
When I rang at 11.30 they said she was tearful but was eating a bit of lunch, but then they rang me at 2.30 to say she'd been asleep for 2 hours and had woken up really upset and her temp had gone up again.
So here I am home early. Didn't even make it home without her falling asleep in the car and now she's asleep again cuddled up to me on the sofa.
By the looks of things I'm not going to be going to work tomorrow, and there's lots of cuddling time going to be spent. If she'll let me stitch it won't be too bad, but I really need some sleep.....


Claire said...

Little one obviously wanting hugs from Mummy.... I don't get paid either if I don't go into work, but there are times when family are more important than money and work.

Hope you manage to catch up on sleep and some stitching.


Julie said...

poor little sweetie, hope she feels better soon

{{hugs to you all}}

Karen said...

Hope she is feeling better now