Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Dawn said I hadn't updated in a while so I'm doing as I'm told and posting my progress pics on some of my rotation pieces this last week lol.
I started the Quaker RR I'm doing with Sally, Chris, Jane and Tracy last Thursday and it took a while to prepare my fabric and then grid the page separations, but on Friday I got to start the stitching on my two pages and I am loving this so far! As you can see I've now finished my first page and started the second. I'm stitching this on 28ct antique white using dmc 99 which is a variagated pink. The dmc is really nice to stitch with and has a good effect. I'm stitching this in between the rest of my rotation so it went away after Monday night but it will get more attention tomorrow.
Last night was UFO night on the Stitch & Stash message board, and Mr Stick was out making sure everyone was working on their UFO's. I was actually a very good girl and turned the pc off alltogether so I could concentrate on my stitching on Cross My Heart's School Of Dolphins. The idea behind UFO night is to pick a project you haven't worked on for a long time for one reason or another, and just spend one evening a week on it. Last year the girls who took part made great progress on their ufo's and some even had finishes! So I'm hoping it will help me make good progress on my dolphins, and maybe one day soon I'll actually be able to give DH the piece he asked for years ago lol.
Now tonight is the QS SAL on the HAED BB and I will be working on my Always Dreaming QS by Molly Harrison. Again this is a one night a week thing, although you can work on your wip more often if you wish. I picked this back up last week for the first SAL of the year after a LONG break from it.
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and comments, it was wonderful to get so many comments to my last post as it's great to know people are actually interest in my waffling sometimes lol. Love and hugs to you all. xxx


Julie said...

Great progress. No need to whack you with Mr Stick then LOL

Claire said...

Great progress Lisa - you will have the Dolphins completed in no time!


Itching To Stitch said...

Your WIP's look great ;)

Anonymous said...

Quaker looks great Lisa, as does everything else!

Will be in touch tomorrow sometime when my head is recovered from the battering it got at the hospital and Charleigh's birthday!

Sally said...

Fantastic progress Lisa! Love your start on the RR. I forgot yours was different and couldn't work it out at first! Duh!!! Huge brain freeze from this damned cold!

Nicola said...

Great progress on your WIP's.

Stitchingranny said...

They are all looking very good Lisa.