Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HAED Monthly SAL Challenge

Friday to Monday this last weekend has been the Monthly SAL Challenge on the HAED BB and so it was time to dig out Sara Butcher's Romeo & Juliet from the UFO pile.
Looking in my photobucket album the last time I worked on this was October 2006! And that was when I first started it I think. So I think it really is about time that it gets some attention again this year lol. The pics are the before and after.
When I first started it even though I'd gridded the page I started stitching it cross country and I have really regretted that this weekend. I also found out that I hadn't even fully kitted it up when I did start it, I'd just pulled the first half dozen colours. So I spent 4 days filling in holes in the stitching and pulling some more threads so I could carry on, not fun!
Anyway, I know where I'm at with it now and have the threads I have pulled properly organised so it should be much easier to work on next month and hopefully there will be more progress.
Tonight it's back to School of Dolphins for UFO Night on Stitch & Stash and although I'm not really looking forward to it it will be good to make more progress. I find it very strange working on aida now I'm a confirmed evenweave/linen girl and the aida seems very stiff. If this wasn't for DH and the only stitching project he's ever really shown a huge liking for I think it would highly likely have been resigned to the bin by now lol. But as it is I am going to keep going and hopefully with enough Tuesday nights it will get finished eventually.
Well, that's it from me for now, hope everyone is having a good week and the weather is not being too awful to you (it's high winds and heavy rain here, yuck). Hugs.


Claire said...

Looking good Lisa!

Enjoy your Dolphins - they cant be all that bad - can they?!


Stitchingranny said...

Good Progress on the HAED chart Lisa. Good luck with Dolphins tonight.

Anonymous said...

Romeo & Juliet is looking great!

Can't you restart dolphins on evenweave? I would have given up on aida too. Can't stand the stuff LOL

Karen said...

good start

Cindy said...

I have regretted almost everything that I have tried with my HAED piece, but it has been a great learning experience!

Your piece is looking great, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!

Julie said...

Great progress, looking forward to seeing your Dolphins this week

Sally said...

Lovely progress Lisa. I can see you getting loads done on this over the year:)

Hope you are having a fantastic birthday!

Lady Val said...

R&J is such a lovely design. What you have done looks wonderful & I can't wait to see more.