Monday, December 31, 2007

Yum, Gingerbread!

Well, I made up for my slow start on CCN's Gingerbread Garden by stitching like a mad woman the past few days, and finished it last night! The colours seem lighter than on the model, but I'm really pleased with it all the same, it's just so cheerful. I think this will be made into a flatfold before next Christmas, but that is subject to change depending on my mood.
I was very lucky that santa brought me lots of wonderful christmas pressies this year, the main one being a new sewing machine! I have had a basic sewing machine for a few years that is very temperamental and lately I just can't get the tension right on it. It got to the point where I didn't even attempt to use it and was scared of it, so on Boxing Day I attempted to set up my new machine with much nervousness. But it works perfectly! The tension wasn't right to start with, but I tweaked and sorted that out, and it's got loads of little extras that my old one didn't have. Once it was all ready to go I couldn't resist finishing something small off, a hardanger sal finish I had in my finishing drawer, which I made into a pincushion. It's not perfect but I'm really happy with it and I will be playing more with my new toy soon.
I also received some of the new DMC Variations, some linen banding, some dmc gingham scissors, a stash pack containing fabric and threads from Karen, a cute little box with a skein of Dragon Floss in from Julie and some gorgeous Thorntons Truffle Xmas Trees (yes, they didn't last long lol).

So I have one stitching day left of 2007 and I think Tomboy deserves some attention. I am determined to finish her as soon as possible in 2008, so any extra stitches I can get in on her in 2007 will be good.

All that leaves left to say is Happy New Year to each and every one of my blog readers and commenters who are very special to me, hope to see more of you in 2008!


Claire said...

Stunning Lisa - love it! And I know its a must for me to get and stitch.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a successful 2008!


Stitchingranny said...

The cottage is so pretty and your pincushion is stunning.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

jane said...

Happy New Year Lisa!
Love your Gingerbread Cottage - think I may have to stitch this one!

Anonymous said...

It is stunning Lisa and even nicer IRL :)

Happy New Year to you all too!

See ya tomorrow!

Julie said...

Great finishes.

I'm wondering what things you'll get up to with the new sewing machine, you and Sally will be in competition now LOL

Happy New Year to you

Lynn said...

Great finish on the Gingerbread, I love it and can't wait to see how you finish it off :)

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Sally said...

It looks fantastic Lisa! Congratulations on your finish!

Wishing you all a Happy 2008! Hope it is kind to you. {{{hugs}}}

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Gingerbread Cottage came out beautifully. Congrats on the finish ;)