Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been crazy here with the run up to Christmas and although I've been checking some blogs I haven't been able to keep up let alone post. I hope to catch up after Christmas.
I haven't any stitching to show I'm afraid. I did start CCN's Gingerbread Cottage but haven't made great progress on it due to not much stitch time. I am enjoying it though and the bit I've stitched tonight seems to have brought it all together and looks really nice. I'll take a pic after the Christmas craziness is over I promise.
If you look at my sidebar you'll see my stitching plans for 2008 are quite different to 2007. I've signed up for a few different stitchalongs etc in the hope of making progress on some of my older wip's, plus I'm starting the quaker RR, and I will finish Tomboy in 2008! lol I've also decided to start saving for Chatelaine's Egypt Garden chart, fabric and kit in 2008. I've spent 2 years trying to convince myself I don't really want it, but have finally given in and realised I really do. DH's nan has given us each some money for Christmas so that will start my savings off, so watch this space! Other than that I am thinking of going on the wagon for a time in 2008 to try to get some of my stash used up, but I'll give that more thought before 2007 actually finishes.
I haven't had any large finishes in 2007 but I'm very pleased with what I have achieved. I've had more finishes this year than ever before and have tried lots of new techniques, and I'm sure it's thanks to my wonderful stitching friends who I've done stitchalongs with and who've given me such inspiration with their gorgeous stitching.
So to everyone who reads my blog and those kind enough to leave comments, I hope you have the best Christmas ever, and all your hopes and dreams come true. Look after eachother (hugs).


Claire said...

Love this time of year - making plans for the next year and looking back at what we have achieved this outgoing year.

Best wishes for 2008 Lisa!


Sally said...

Good luck with your 2008 goals Lisa. I'll cheer you on each week! {{{{hugs}}}}