Monday, October 1, 2007

September Round Up

September was another good month stitching wise for me:-
1. I finished my Eeyore Latch Hook Rug
2. I finished my first needleroll
3. I finished another page of Tomboy QS
4. I worked on Cirque Des Cerles
5. I worked on Cabin In The Woods
So two finishes and progress on three other BAP's, not bad going!
At the moment I'm putting in the odd stitch on Tomboy, trying to get some of the dreaded blending filament and pale colours in the top right hand part page done before I start round 3. I so want to finish her this year and part of me keeps thinking about putting the rotation on hold and seeing if I can stick with her til she's finished, but I think if I do that I might get so I hate working on her again which I really don't want, so I've decided to work on her a bit in between the other slots and see how that goes. I think I'll take her to the stitchy club with me tomorrow night and then start round 3 on Wed with School Of Dolphins.
Hope everyone is having a good start to the month! Hugs.


Stitchingranny said...

Well done on your all the things you achieved for September, hope this month is just as good for you Lisa.

Sally said...

Good luck with getting more on Tomboy done Lisa. You can do it!

Julie said...

You accomplished a lot this month, hope October is as productive for you

Paula said...

Well done Lisa on acheiving your stitching goals for Sept. Hope Ocotber is good for you too....
Happy stitching,....