Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finishing Fun

Last night I finished stitching the Prairie Schooler Autumn Pinkeep that Sally and I have been doing as a SAL, so this afternoon when I got home from work I decided to try to finish it as a pinkeep and also pick something else out of my to finish drawer. I have quite a few things in the drawer to finish off, but I'm not a fan of finishing as I'm not great at it, so I figure if I do two at a time I'll get there eventually lol.
So here is the pinkeep finished off. I meant to take a pic of the fabric I've backed it with but forgot. Anyway, it's the same colours as in the stitching and has pumpkins on it, so matches well.
The chatelaine took me ages to lace and reminded me why I put off doing it before lol, but I'm happy now it's finished and pleased with the way it looks.
Technically I haven't finished my 10hr slot on smalls as I did the stitching for the pinkeep in less than 8, but I'm really not in the mood to start kitting up something else and just getting into it when I have to put it away again, so I'm going to move onto Tomboy. I need to do a load of gridding first but don't know if I can be bothered tonight. Might just put away my threads from the pinkeep etc and get Tomboy out tomorrow night.


Julie said...

well done Lisa, pinkeep looks wonderful, and nice to see Lavendar Garden framed too

Anonymous said...

They both look wonderful Lisa!

Oh and by the way you are a GREAT finisher so stop putting yourself down!!!

That's an order LOL

Claire said...

They both look great Lisa.

Have fun with Tomboy!


Lynn said...

well done Lisa, the pinkeep looks great and I love the Lavendar Garden in that frame :)

Stitchingranny said...

Love the Lavender Garden Lisa and you did well with your pinkeep.

Sally said...

Both of those are gorgeous Lisa. You beat me to actually finishing up the pinkeep! LOL

lena-lou said...

I love your PS Pinkeep finish and you have done a beautiful job of framing your other piece :)
Enjoy your Sunday.