Saturday, October 20, 2007

Can Ya Tell What It Is Yet?

This is School Of Dolphins after it's 10 hour slot. Please excuse the appalling photo, the sun is still low here today and as it's aida the fabbie is really stiff so shows all the creases etc.
If you look at the outline on the left hand side you may be able to see the start of one of the main dolphins!
I have to say I've not really been in a stitching mood this week but when I have stitched on this I've enjoyed it and I'm really glad I picked it up again. DH is actually showing some interest in it as it's for him lol!
Later today I'm hoping to kit up the Autumn Pinkeep from September's Gift Of Stitching Magazine. Sally and I were talking on msn last night and she said she'd like to stitch it as well, so I talked her into joining me lol. It looks like a quick stitch as it's on 2 1/4 inches square over 2 on 28 count, and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully this will be one I stitch and make up straight after! Although I've just had a thought, I hope I've got some suitable backing fabric...
I also need to be thinking about getting Tomboy out and doing some more gridding ready for her slot which is after the pinkeep.
You may see from my side bar that I have changed the smalls slot I had to a seasonal smalls slot for now, and I've suddenly gone seasonal lol. So will stitch autumn/halloween until that urge goes, then move onto winter/xmas. In the New Year I think I will probably add another smalls slot for gifts or whatever, but will leave it like it is for now.
Sally and I were also talking about quaker designs last night, and between us we came up with what I think is a great idea that some of our dear stitching friends may be interested in. If you read her blog she has posted about it today, but in short we are wanting to do a quaker RR, using one of the With My Needle concertina book charts. Each book has 10 pages and we'd do 2 pages each, with you doing the front and back pages of your own book, and each person would incorporate their initials somewhere in the two pages they'd stitch. If you go over and read Sally's blog using the link above there's more info, but if you're interested in joining us or have any advice to offer about RR's please comment or email me.
Hope you all have a great weekend. The weather here is looking like it's going to be a nice day.


Julie said...

Great start on the Dolphins. Talking on MSN can be a dangerous thing!! now you've both got me intrigued LOL

Anonymous said...

School of dolphins is looking lovely. I love all the blues.

I see you've got Celtic Autumn in your UFO's. Fancy bringing her out again and joining our Monday Celtic Lady SAL?

Sally said...

School of Dolphins is looking good Lisa. You've got quite a lot done.

I've got my fabby and threads sorted for the pinkeep and can't wait to start it!

I'm definitely up for the quaker RR. We'll see what we can do:)