Sunday, February 25, 2007

Told You I'm Addicted lol

Managed to get DD and I out of going geocaching with DH today by suggesting a mummy daughter craft afternoon. DH should learn she's her mummy's daughter and LOVES crafts lol.
So DD has done lots of pics using different things, I've started the backstitch on Giggle and made up another pinkeep! This one is Waxing Moon's "You're My Sunshine" which I stitched last summer and yet again just went into the finished draw never to be seen again, until now! The background fabric is what I used to back the pinkeep.
I want to get Giggle finished next so that's another happy dance before Feb is out, because once March arrives I've got part 2 of the mystery, part 1 of the hardanger sal and my easter tuck will be arriving, so I think I'm going to be busy on those for a couple of weeks lol.
I've decided that I'm going to choose one project to take to the stitchy club with me twice a month, and that is going to be my oldest UFO, Dimensions School of Dolphins! I started this as my first big project probably about 10 years ago, but was in no way ready for it, so only did a couple of hours I think lol. I saw it stitched up in Hobbycraft and DH loves dolphins, so seemed like a perfect project. Anyway, thankfully he still loves those dolphins so I'm going to dig it out, sort it out and get started again. Once I get going with it I might even try to stitch on it more, maybe even every Tuesday for UFO night, or at least one night a week. Don't quote me on that though, don't want Julie setting her big stick on me lol.


Karen said...

your pinkeep is lovely Lisa, where are the photos of DD's master pieces?
Hope you enjoy stitching the dolphins at your club

Deanne J said...

Your pinkeep looks great, love the backing fabric.

Hope things go well with your dolphins, looking forward to seeing a pic.

Julie said...

well, well, well, what's this i read? the Dolphins might be joining the UFO night LOL sounds like a good plan to me Lisa

love the pin keep too

Sally said...

Wow, Lisa, your pinkeep is gorgeous! You know you're going to have to give me lessons don't you? LOL!

I hope the dolphins are going well. Hope to be on to chat for a while tonight. I have some news for you! LOL!