Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting Carried Away

Due to far too much enabling from certain quarters lately, I'm getting very carried away with joining different SAL's and exchanges, but I must say I'm having fun lol.
First of all I've just been in a tuck exchange on the TS BB for Valentine's Day. I heard last week that my partner had received her tuck, and mine also arrived in the mail. I really love joining in the tuck exchanges, it's so nice to have something to brighten up the place, and they are quick to stitch as well. That's why I've just signed up for the next exchange, an Easter tuck this time, and I can't wait!
Julie also talked me into taking part in the Hardanger SAL that Jayne on the Jayne's Attic BB is running starting in March. The last one I did I really loved, but wasn't intending on joining in this one til Julie twisted my arm lol. So of course I in turn had to talk Karen into taking part, so it should be fun!
At the moment I'm also taking part in a SAL on TS which JoAnn started. It's the Bee Pinkeep from the Gift of Stitching Online Magazine, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Julie was kind enough to gift me a subscription to the mag for my Birthday so when JoAnn mentioned a SAL I couldn't resist. It's stitching up nice and quickly, but Julie has already finished hers as her needle was smoking lol. I'm hoping to finish mine maybe tomorrow, think tonight might be a bit optimistic.
And then once I finish the pinkeep Julie and I are starting part 1 of the Heirloom Embroideries Mystery SAL. The first part arrived last week, but we both wanted to get the pinkeep finished first, and Julie has been kind enough to wait til I finish mine so we can both start the mystery together. The SAL is over 5 months and we are making a Huswife which is an old fashioned needleroll I believe. I'm very nervous because my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired, but I'm excited as well as I've got the bug for learning new things.
So, is this the same person who said at the beginning of the year that they were going to get some longstanding WIP's finished this year?! Well, after the last few weeks with being ill and my glasses breaking etc, I've decided life is too short and as long as I'm having fun then who cares!
Finally, before I forget AGAIN, shortly after my Birthday I received a handmade card with a skein of Vicki Clayton silk in it, but the card wasn't signed, it just said thinking of you. Now I couldn't for the life of me work out who it was from as I couldn't read the postmark, and I meant to mention it on here then. So if that was you will you please own up so I can thank you?


Julie said...

Julie said, blah blah blah .... you make it sound like i'm whacking you with the big stick to make you do it all !!!!! as if i would do that LOLOL

and no it wasn't me that sent the VC silk to you


Karen said...

Julie she did whack me with the big stick to join in LOL , I am looking forward to doing Jaynes SAL now I wasnt too sure at first