Saturday, February 3, 2007

Catching Up

Thought I'd better do some catching up on what's been going on around here.
I still haven't got my new glasses, and it was two weeks yesterday.... I really miss them. But I have got my new contact lenses which are now my correct prescription and more comfortable than my old ones, so it has meant I've been able to do a little bit of stitching at least. I'm just hoping I get a phone call early next week to say the glasses are ready as I could really do when them right now.
The reason being that after hurting my back over a week ago and being in awful pain with it, that is almost better, but now I'm full of cold! And those of you that wear contact lenses will know that them and colds don't mix very well or they don't for me anyway.
So stitching wise there's not much to report. I've done a little bit more on Simply Spring, Tomboy QS and the Eeyore Rug, but that's it, nothing worth taking pics of.
So with everything that's gone on I've ended up in a bit of a state over my stitching, even considering getting rid of all my stash and giving up stitching totally, but I think I'm over that for now. But I have realised that I need to concentrate on just a couple of projects so I can see some progress on them, and I've GOT to get off this pc! lol
I found out today that the first part of the Heirloom Embroideries Mystery Sampler is going to be posted out on Monday, so I'll be starting that next week hopefully! SO, I've decided to try and see if I can finish Simply Spring before I start that. I haven't got a lot left to do, but considering the amount I've managed in the last two weeks it's not definite.
And I finally plucked up the courage to see if there is a stitching club near me, and there is! I rang them about a week ago, and I'm going to the first class on Tuesday night! I know it's daft but I'm really scared. I've wanted for so long to be able to actually meet up regularly with other stitchers, but now it's happening I'm really nervous. I don't know what sort of age group they are going to be, what sort of thing they take with them to stitch, what happens there or anything, but I'm determined to go lol. So watch this space....


Julie said...

poor you having a nasty cold, hope you feel better soon

Hooray!!! the stitching club, fantastic, will be thinking of you Tuesday night and looking forward to hearing all about it

Panic has sent in about the mystery SAL at Heirloom ... LOL

love and {{huggles}}

Karen said...

Hope your cold goes soon , if you want to get rid of your stash you know where I live....;o) I am sure Julie and I could relieve you of the bulk of it

jane said...

I'm looking forward to the mystery SAL too...can't wait to see what's in store.
Good luck at the stitching club. I would be just the same but I'm sure it will be fine once you get there.

Claire said...

Hope you are soon better Lisa.

Good luck at your stitching club.... there is one near me but haven't taken the plunge just yet.