Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Too Me!

I really wasn't looking forward to today after my Birthday last year being a complete disaster, so I've been very pleasantly surprised.
First of all this morning DD came in to wish me a happy birthday, and then DH put loads of pressies on our bed! I had placed an order with DSL and Sew & So for some stash from DH, so knew what I was getting, but he'd opened the packages and wrapped everything separately for me, plus he'd got me a little smarties choc cake.
Then when I got to work they had put banners up for me and when everyone had arrived they appeared with a tiny cake with a candle on for me to blow out!
I got some vouchers from my mum and aunt, and my friends at work, which I got myself a new watch and a computer game with.
Julie had sent me some pennies the other week to get myself a subscription to The Gift Of Stitching Magazine with as I'm on the wagon, so I subscribed to that this morning. And Sally sent me a Gift Certificate to EHandcrafts so I can choose more stash!
I've also had some lovely emails and messages on the BB's from my wonderful stitching friends (hugs).
So today has been a really nice Birthday, better than I ever expected, filled with stash and greetings from special people.
Now, on instructions from Julie, I'm off to watch a movie, have a glass of wine and some chocs!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Lisa.
I'm glad you've had a wonderful day and your goodies all sound wonderful.

Now what movie did you watch?

Julie said...

sounds like the perfect day Lisa, hope you didn't eat too many of them choccies lol

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, so glad you had a good day and got spoilt too!

Sally said...

So pleased you had a brilliant day Lisa. Enjoy all your goodies.

Jacqui said...

Belated Many Happy Returns Lisa. Sounds like you had a great day with lots of nice stash.

Claire said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday.
Wonder if birthdays can go on a day or two longer??.....


jane said...

sounds like a great birthday Lisa...hope you enjoyed every minute.
Best wishes

Susimac said...

Happy Birthday Lisa - It sounds like you had a really wonderful day.