Saturday, January 13, 2007

Catching Up With WIP Pics

I finally managed to finish page 2 of my Tomboy QS last night, after having two nights not stitching at all. I know last night was supposed to be my Eeyore Rug, but I really wanted to get page 2 finished, so will work on the rug tonight instead.
I've also taken pics of the rug and my Waxing Moon Simply Spring wip as they are at the moment. I'm really happy with the way things are going with my rotation right now, barring having to swap my days around a bit now and again. I can see progress on everything I'm working on, and I'm not getting bored!
Now, come Tuesday and my Birthday when I can open my stash orders from DH that might change lol! I've got this awful feeling that once I get to drool over my new pretties I'm going to want a new start, so I'm going to be relying on you all to keep me under control until I get some things finished! hehe
I also think once my Birthday is over the reality of the Wagon is going to set in. It hasn't bothered me this past few days, knowing I've got something to look forward to, but I know it's going to kick in soon and then I'll be in big trouble lol


Julie said...

Lisa, WOW you've been busy, nice to see the pics. WM will soon be a finish and then you can start something new LOL

Sally said...

Fantastic WIP pics Lisa. The WM won't take you long then you can have a new start! LOL!

You will do fine on the wagon I just know it! You will still have something to look forward to after your birthday! {{{giggles}}}

Karen said...

your wip's are looking good