Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A Clean Sweep

Well, I finally managed to get DH to get the boxes for the xmas decorations out of the loft today, so I've just finished up taking down all the ones in the lounge, dusting, polishing and returning it to it's pre-xmas tidyness and calmness. It's so nice to sit here now and see the clutter gone again, I've got my stitching haven back, yay!
The dining room, hallway and outside are still to do, but DH will have to help with those on Sunday when he's finished his night shifts, as it needs the step ladders which I WON'T go up lol.
Stitching wise I had to rejig the rotation again after Monday nights session on the rug. By the time I went to bed my arm and hand were really hurting and I couldn't get to sleep because of it. There is no way I can do every other night on the rug I think, so have changed AGAIN so that I will do Mon & Fri on the rug, and Tue, Wed, Thur on Tomboy QS, so I have a good break in between. I'm quite happy with this as these are the two projects I want to get finished first, so should make good progress on them, and still have my weekends to play with my smaller projects.
I did a little on Tomboy last night and tonight, and am actually really enjoying it, although I haven't done any of the blending filament in this section yet so that could be why lol. I am going to have to bit the bullet and do a chunk of that tomorrow night I think.
I finally got an email from Amy at DSL. I don't know what the problem is but I seem to have real trouble getting her emails, they always go missing in cyberspace. Anyway, only one chart that I ordered is out of stock and the rest should be shipped by Sat at the latest, so I'm a happy bunny as they should be here by my Birthday!!!
On the wagon front, I am on day 3 and doing well lol. Have been very tempted with everyone talking about the online mag Gift Of Stitching and the gorgeous design in this month's issue with the LHN/CCN bee pinkeep in it, but I was determined to be good. I did get approval from Sally that I could buy it with my birthday money if I got some, or could ask for it as a present. Anyway, naughty Julie (Magnet hehe) send me a little early pressie today so that I can get myself the subscription on my Birthday! Thank you SO much Julie, you're very naughty and I will get my revenge at some point in the future, but I love ya! Julie asked me tonight if I'd already subscribed, but I'm determined to wait til my Birthday then I've got something else to look forward to and can drool over my first issue of the mag on the day!


Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on Tomboy! Have you done any of the BF yet! LOL!

I bet you can't wait for your birthday to sub to Gift of Stitching. What a lovely pressie from Julie.

Julie said...

hey Lisa, love ya too. Not long till your birthday now LOL

Kip said...

urg I still need to take my tree down

Have fun with tomboy its a great pattern