Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flying Visit

Just a quick update as we are going away in our caravan tomorrow for a week so I won't be able to post while we're away.
Haven't been able to take update pics of my wips today as the batteries for the camera are on charge ready to take away with us, but I have taken a quick pic of the Papillon mystery with my phone to give you an idea of progress. It's not a brilliant photo but you'll get the idea. I've now finished parts 1 and 2 including adding the beads, and I made a start on part 3 earlier.
I made good progress on Cabin In The Woods in the 4 days I worked on it last week and finished another oval in Cirque when I worked on that for a day, but you'll have to wait til we get back for a pics of those lol.
I've managed to sneak four wips into the caravan to take with us. The mystery, Cirque, Celtic Autumn and Always & Forever. A&F is to work on during the day if I get chance at any of the activities Erin goes to, and the other three are for in the caravan or sitting out in the sun if we get any by some miracle. Sometimes when we go I get loads of stitching done, other times hardly any, but I can't risk having nothing to stitch can I?!
So til next time, I wish you all plenty of frog free stitching (hugs).


Sally said...

Your PC SAL is looking great Lisa. Love the colours you've chosen.

Have a great week away!

Julie said...

Pap looks lovely, i enjoy this one too.
Enjoy your hols

Stitchingranny said...

Wow you seam to have gone at a real pace with this one Lisa. You will soon be right up to date - which is more than I am.

Karan said...

Such a very pretty piece - colours are gorgeous. Great progress too. :0)
Hope you have a great time away & that the weather is being kind. :0)

Hazel said...

This is really lovely. I love the colours you are using. Nice cdc as well. Hope you're having a great time. xx

Anonymous said...

HDYGG is looking lovely. I've just restarted stitching this, doing the 6 colours. It really is a lovely piece to stitch. looks like we're using the same sort of colours.