Monday, August 6, 2007

Fingers Crossed

I think my stitching slump might be over!
Whilst I wasn't doing any stitching instead I was reading blogs, message boards etc about rotations and kept coming across people doing rotations by hours, eg 10 hours on each slot. I've always thought there was no way I could work like that, but the idea was bugging me.
So last weekend even though I didn't think I could concentrate on any cross stitch, I decided to pull out my Eeyore Latch Hook Rug as it doesn't take a lot of thinking about, and thought I'd try timing myself just out of curiousity.
What a revelation! Because I was timing myself I made sure that I was actually working on the rug rather than going off and doing other things, or surfing at the same time, and I made so much more progress. So over the last week or so I've worked on the rug for 10 hours as of last night and here he is, peeking out and with the butterfly emerging!
Now it might just be a fluke and when I try doing it on something else it will fail miserably, but it's got me feeling better about my stitching etc again which is the main thing, and I can really see progress in the last week.
Tonight I'm going to start on a Shepherd's Bush Needleroll Kit called Welcome Baby that I've had since Erin was born, and see how it works for that. I'm not saying that I've got a new rotation AGAIN lol, don't want to tempt fate, but I'm just going to see how I go with timing this and take it from there, so watch this space.


Karen said...

Eeyore looks cute he will soon be finished

Julie said...

Great progress on Eeyore, well done Lisa

Itching To Stitch said...

Eeyore is looking great ;)

Stitchingranny said...

Love your rug by daughter would love it too shes a real Eeyore fan.

Anonymous said...

Eeyore is looking wonderful :) I wouldn't be too hard on yourself stitching wise! I don't know how people manage these rotations! But then again what works for one doesn't work for someone else :)

Dawn x

Claire said...

Brilliant Lisa - glad you are coming out of that stitcing slump.

Eeyore is looking fantastic - I really should get my rug done sometime!

Stitching is made for enjoyment - not to beat yourself up over it - so take it one day at a time.


Paula said...

you're Eeyore rug looks fabulous he's so cute.
Glad to hear your slump may be over......
Hugs and happy stitching

Sally said...

Your rug is looking brilliant Lisa!

Sounds like you could well be out of your stitching slump. I do hope so {{{{hugs}}}}

Bev said...

how cute is that rug going to look, my DD has just seen it and now all i can hear is pleaseeee i want one

Stitcher said...

Great progress with Eeyore