Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cirque Update

Julie nagged me today and made me leave my comfy sofa to go get Cirque and finish up my 10 hours on it, so I could show her a pic lol. So off I went to do my last half hour and then I've had to put it away til next time round.... Yes, you read right, I can't leave it out of my new rotation, I love stitching on it too much. The colours are just so cheerful, it's so relaxing not to be changing colours every two minutes and finishing off each circle is like a mini happy dance and so satisfying. This 10 hours has finished up round 1 of my new rotation and I have to say I have loved every minute of it, and have achieved more progress in the last 40 hours than I have in a long time. And the 40 hours seem to have gone so quickly, it's great!
So if you look in my sidebar you'll see the set up for round 2. Not much has changed except I've given Cirque it's own slot, so I now have 5 slots instead of 4. I think I will probably be sticking with it this way for some time, just replacing one project with another when it's finished.
So I'm now back to the beginning and Eeyore! If I can make progress with it this time around like I did last I'm hopeful I might actually be able to finish it, so watch this space.....!
Onto other things, work hasn't been as bad as I expected actually. It has been very very busy and I haven't had chance to stop for a minute most days. Last night I went to bed at about 10.30pm and slept for 12 hours straight! I think it had caught up with me lol Here's hoping the 4 days next week go as well and I'll be a very happy bunny.
It was Erin's last day at nursery yesterday and although she thought it was very exciting I had a few tears. We went school shoe shopping today and it was remarkably pain free. We had her feet measured, picked three pairs between us to try on and all agreed on the pair to get! She looked so smart in them.... She starts full-time school in less than two weeks and I can't believe where the time has gone. I don't know when she went from being a baby to such a grown up girl... But she'll always be my baby and no-one is going to tell me otherwise lol.
I promised myself a reward if I got through the week at work without crying as usually I get so stressed I end up a blubbering wreck when a client has a go at me, so earlier I ordered a chart I've been wanting forever, Chatelaine Taj Mahal Garden. I keep looking at wip pics of it and loving it all the more, but Helen's pic of it this last week tipped me over the edge lol. It was in my inbox within the hour and I've already drooled and panicked in equal amounts. Now don't ask me when I'm going to start it, it's taken me this long to get the chart, but I'm hoping to persuade DH to get me the fabbie for it for our wedding anniversary next month, and then I might see if I can get DH, my mum and aunt to all share and get me the kit from European Cross Stitch for xmas, or give me some money towards it.
In the meantime I've decided my reward for getting through next week will be to order the threads and beads for the Chatelaine freebie Xmas Mandala so I can stitch that and get some practice in hehe.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, an extra long one for us UK'ers!


Julie said...

Cirque looks fabulous Lisa, well done

Congrats on completing this round in your roatation, shall i send Mr Stick to make you work hard on Eeyore LOL

Good Luck Erin at 'big school'

Anonymous said...

Cirque is stunning! I love the colours :)

"good luck" to Erin.

Karen said...

Cirque looks great

Itching To Stitch said...

How gorgeous your CDC is, love the thread you chose ;)

Stitchingranny said...

lol she will definitely always be your baby. My babies are 32 and 35 now but they are definitely still my babies - and you dont stop worrying about them just cause they get big - thought to be honest if you are wondering where 5 years have gone Im in total confusion as to where 35 went lol.

Love your circles design and looking forward to seeing it grow.

So glad you have now found a rota that works for you Lisa.


Hazel said...

So you're the one doing the gorgeous cdc! I saw it on the HAED bb. Thanks for entering my giveaway. I am in same boat as you re our dds. Lily is also starting school in less than two weeks and I don't know how I'll be. I don't think I'll be too emotional about it but my pregnancy is making my hormones go crazy so I'll prob be in floods of tears!! Great rotation btw. Is it one from Shakespeares Peddler? I so should do one but I'm not disciplined enough. xx

Sally said...

Cirque looks fantastic Lisa. Love the thread you chose.

No matter how old Erin is she will always be your baby. My two ate still my babies and I think they always will be:)

Anita said...

I just love the colors of the thread that you picked for this project. It is so pretty.

Paula said...

Lisa cirque is stunning I love the thread you are using, what is it?
Oh My.....I can't believe Erin is starting school already...hope you'll take pics of her first day and share them with us.
happy stitching and hooking.....(lol) you know what I mean.....