Thursday, May 3, 2007

Update But No Pics

Just a quick update before we go away tomorrow for the UK Bank Holiday weekend.
I've been stitching on Celtic Autumn this week and really enjoying it. The colours in the alternative colourway are just lovely and it's a pleasure to stitch so far. I didn't manage to do any last night and it's doubtful I'll get any done tonight with getting the caravan ready, but I will be taking it with me to work on in an evening in the caravan if I get chance. I'll post an update pic before it goes away again I promise.
I was hoping that May's part of the Heirloom Embroideries mystery might be released before the weekend so I could take that with me to be getting on with, but no-one has heard anything about it's release yet so that's not going to happen.
Another long shot was taking the Jayne's Attic stitching accessory exchange piece with me, but we haven't received our partners yet so there is no way I'll be able to decide on a design and get it kitted up before tomorrow morning lol, so that's out also.
Never mind, they are both things to look forward to when we come back.
When we're away in the caravan on the type of holiday we're going on this weekend, some of the time during the day is spend sitting keeping an eye on Erin taking part in various activities that she loves so much, making things, dancing etc. She doesn't want us to interfere when she does these things, but she has to be able to see us lol. So I need to take something that I can do while she's doing these things. DH always takes his book and reads, but stitching addict that I am I always take my stitching. So I've taken the Indigo Rose Bee Charmer Biscornu kit out of my work drawer and that's going with us this time for some attention. I know it's not in my rotation but I'm just having a bit of time out for it and I will be working on Celtic as well.
So hopefully after the weekend I'll have some pics to show!
Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and special thanks to those who comment, it gives me a real buzz to know people are interested in what I'm stitching.
Hugs to you all, and have a great weekend!!!


Julie said...

Enjoy your little holiday, hope the weather stays nice for you, i'm really looking forward to seeing Celtic and how you've got on with it

Stitchingranny said...

Have a lovely holiday and will look forward to seeing pics when you get back Lisa.

It sounds as though you are really enjoying your stitching again :0)

Mary Ann said...

Lisa, I hope you and the family have a great holiday. And, I'll be looking forward to seeing the WIP pic when you get back.

Paula said...

Oohh Lisa wish I was going away for the BH weekend but instead I'm going to paint my living room!! lol
I love Celtic Autumn, I bought the kit of her in the Alternative colours which suit her much better. Look forward to seeing an update on yours.
Have a great weekend....enjoy and relax and make the most of it......
Happy Stitching....

Sally said...

Have a fantastic holiday weekend Lisa. Speak to you when you get back,. Hope you get lots of stitching done.

Jacqui said...

Enjoy your holiday. We just came back from a few days in a caravan in Cornwall and I didn't do a single stitch all week.