Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still Nothing To Show

Afraid I still don't have any pics to show. I managed to finish the exchange piece for the Jayne's Attic exchange last night, and I have to say that although I wasn't really in the mood for stitching it I am very happy with the finished result. The posting day isn't until the 11th June so I won't be able to show a pic until my partner receives it I'm afraid. Hopefully it will be worth the wait lol.
That is all the stitching I've done in the last week. Not been feeling too brilliant lately. Work is so busy and stressful, Erin seems to be going through a funny stage where she's constantly tearful and throwing tantrums which is very wearing, and MIL has been to stay so say I'll say no more about that lol.
I still have this month's part of the Heirloom Embroideries mystery to stitch as the last part is out in June, but I'm just not in the mood for it right now, so tonight I'm going to pull out my HAED Always Dreaming QS which is next in the rotation and give her some attention tonight. Once I've had my fix of her I think I'll try to get the mystery done so that I don't fall behind.
We went out for the day yesterday to Grassington and then The Forbidden Corner. Grassington has a wonderful stitchy shop called The Craft Shop. They have about 4000 kits in stock I'm told, and I spent a lovely half hour in there drooling. I only ended up buying a small Bothy Threads kit that comes in like a CD case, called a SNAPS, as I have to say I'm spoiled shopping online and everything seemed very expensive, but it was lovely to be able to have a good close up look at things I've only seen online before.
As for The Forbidden Corner, this is like a maze and treasure hunt in one with lots of pathways, clues, surprises etc. We did take some pics which are now on DH's computer, and once I figure out how to get them across here I'll put a couple up of Erin posing for you to see lol.
I had a little bit of stash arrive this week. The Carries Creations Cheryl thread that I ordered from Jayne came on Wed and the Ink Circles Cirque Des Cercles chart from her came yesterday. I think I have decided to stitch it in Vicki Clayton Pastel silk, so just need to get that ordered and that will be another new start ready lol.
I have definitely decided that Serendipity will be added to the next round of my rotation, along with Cirque I think, and an LHN or CCN design which I haven't quite decided on yet. I think Serendipity and Cirque will give me the colours and simplicity I'm needing right now, and the LHN/CCN I just can't resist starting one any longer! Mind you, I also want to start a Just Nan and a Drawn Thread soon!
Thanks so everyone who reads my blog and to those who leave comments. I'm sorry there's nothing to show you lately, but I hope to rectify that very soon.


Stitchingranny said...

I too have been stitching some bits I cannot show yet Lisa, though I havent mentioned them on my block as one of the people reads it and has no idea.
Will look forward to seeing all the pics when you have them.

jane said...

Those sound like lovely new starts you have planned Lisa, hope you enjoy them.

Julie said...

congrats on finishing your exchange piece

it's nice to get stash post