Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trying Yet Again!

I have decided to give a Rotation one last ditched attempt lol.
After giving a lot of thought to what I want to stitch in 2007 I have realised that to achieve my goals I'm going to have to get myself organised. So stitching just as the mood takes me and spending far too much time on the pc is not going to work.
The problem I have before with a weekly rotation was I missed certain projects that I really wanted to work on.
So I have decided to try doing a rotation where I stitch each slot Mon-Fri inclusive, and on Sat and Sun I can stitch on what I want, be that carrying on with a certain slot for another couple of days, starting early on the next slot, stitching for an exchange, or just listening to something that's screaming.
So starting tomorrow I'm going to try as follows until the end of the year, and see how it goes. The wip's I've chosen are the ones I've picked that I want to get finished in 2007, except for Cabin which I just love at the moment, so I figured a head start would be a good thing.
Week 1 - Cabin In The Woods
Week 2 - Biscornu
Week 3 - Tomboy QS
Week 4 - Eeyore's Butterfly Latch Hook Rug
Week 5 - Cabin In The Woods
Week 6 - Celtic Autumn Alternative Colours
I'll decide what to stitch on a weekend when it arrives, and see how it goes.
Wish me luck, because if this doesn't work there's no hope for me with a rotation! lol


Claire said...

Good luck with the rotation Lisa... I have given up but have plans to get myself organised for 2007!


Anonymous said...

sounds a great plan Lisa, hope it works for you
Julie x