Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cabin Gets Extra Time

Have enjoyed stitching on Cabin In The Woods this week, but don't feel to have made enough progress, and to be honest I can't be bothered right now to dig out fabric and threads for the San Man SAL, so I'm going to carry on with Cabin for my two screaming days over the weekend, then move onto my next slot on Monday as planned, my biscornu.
This week has been awful at work, so really glad it's the weekend, although I wish I could just veg and stitch for the weekend but DH has plans for us lol.
I've been badly wanting to have some retail therapy and treat myself to something stitchy, but I need instant gratification so the only thing that would work would be a HAED chart, and non are screaming loudly enough at the moment.
My advent exchange box from Tranquil Stitches is screaming at me very very loudly, even though the box is closed lol. I gave in and got them all out of the box again last night because I was so fed up, and put them in number order, but was careful to barely touch or look at each parcel except for the number on it, so I wouldn't spoil any surprises for myself lol. I so can't wait til the 1st when all the fun will start. Everyone is going to post what they get each day on the BB, which is going to be so exciting, I'm like a kid waiting for christmas! hehe


Sally said...

Hi Lisa! I'm so pleased Cabin is screaming at you so much! LOL! Can't wait to see some progress pics next week- pleeeeeease!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL the advent box Lisa, had to put mine away, i kept touching and feeling them all, not long now till 1st Dec .... hope this week is better for you. Julie x

Mary Ann said...

Hi Lisa! I'd love to see a WIP pic of Cabin!!:-)