Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Still Alive!

I know, it's been a LONG time since my last post, I'm sorry I disappeared without permission lol.
Unfortunately I hit a huge stitching slump which just does not seem to want to go away. I tried to not stitch at all for a few weeks to see if the need would come back but that didn't help, so instead I've been putting the odd few stitches into mainly small projects in the hope that eventually it will all click back into place. So far there isn't a great improvement but I do think that I'm starting to enjoy the little bit of stitching I am doing more so that's good.
Anyway, I thought I'd come on and liven up the blog a bit ready for halloween as we've put our decorations up at home today, and let you see what stitching I have done.
First up is a project I started for DD back in June, which I've only just finished (blush). She has been SO patient waiting for it, but I just couldn't get into it at all and had to force myself to stitch on it. Now I need to make it up so she can display it in her bedroom. Lets just hope she doesn't have to wait another 4 months for that lol.Next is a Pine Mountain pillow kit I bought when I visited The Nimble Thimble at Easter. Even though I'm in this slump I was determined to stitch this for halloween this year and luckily it was a quick stitch, only took me about 2 weeks rotfpml, can you tell I'm not stitching much?And finally is a very small update on my HAED Freebie SAL Moon Fantasy Storykeep. I really like this design, but at the moment HAED's are so much of a struggle for me, so the only way I can cope with them is to do say 100 stitches then put them away again. It's really frustrating because I love my HAED's and actually want to start more, but I know that right now it's just not practical. I've also put a few stitches into Cabin In The Woods, but not enough to warrant a new pic as yet.I've now started a xmas ornament that's to be a gift for a friend. I thought I'd better start early bearing in mind how long it's possible it's going to take me lol.
I'm in the process of sorting out some of the charts I've stitched and will be adding them to my For Sale/Trade page soon. They include the Princess Parade and Be Scarey charts, plus The Cat's Whiskers For My Friend Scissor Pocket I stitched a few months back, can't remember what else. If you're interested in any of these before I put them up just let me know.
Til next time, which hopefully will be very soon, happy stitching!


Angela said...

Hope your stitching mojo retutrns soon.

Love the Princess Parade piece. It will look great in your daughter's room.

Doris said...

the princess parade look so pretty.

Lesleyanne said...

I love your finishes and hope your mojo returns soon. My disappeared for a bit but seems to have come back now. I would be interested in the Princess Parade and Be Scary charts. My email address is I haven't go a lot to trade so perhaps I could pay for them.

Brigitte said...

Your two finishes are so pretty. I hope for you to get out of your stitching slump as soon as you are into ornament stitching. Finishing some small items sometimes helps.

Always smiling said...

Difficult when the mood for stitching disappears but you're back so well done.
Soon be colder evenings and then in at night you'll be stitching away again... I loved the Princess Parade piece I hadn't heard of that before.
Happy stitching and may your mojo soon return!

Karan said...

Good to see you posting again & with such lovely finishes too. There are a lot of us in a slump at the minute - reckon there's something in the air! LOL :0)

marylin said...

Hello, I write you of FRANCE, I like very much your blog, your embroidery are magnificent!
Best regards of FRANCE, I hope to see you on my FRENCH blog!

Claire said...

Hope your bug returns soon.I would like to invite you to follow my blog
Thanks for looking

Stitcher said...

Nice to see you back Lisa.