Monday, April 16, 2007

Turned The Air Blue!

This weekend I've been working on part 3 of the Heirloom Embroideries Huswif Mystery. Whilst I really like the finished stitching once it's done, I really don't enjoy the actual process on this. The fabric is so flimsy you have to be really careful as if you pull even slightly it distorts the stitches.
And last night I ended up frogging the last band THREE times before I got it right! The air in here was blue I can tell you! Anyway, it's been put away again now til next month when we see what Carol has in store for us. Please excuse the creases as I've just taken it back out of the bag as I forgot to take a pic last night before putting it away.
So next up is slot 2 in my new rotation, the Chatelaine Mini Lavender Mandala which I was stitching as a SAL with Julie and Sally. Both of them were super speedy stitchers as usual and finished there's ages back, but mrs tortoise here still has a fair bit to go lol. The plan is to stick with it til it's finished now, but if I'm not enjoying it it will be put away again and I'll move on.


Sally said...

Sorry to hear you had so much frogging to do, Lisa, but it does look pretty. I really love the colours.

Stitchingranny said...

This does look lovely Lisa though I have heard others say the fabric is too fine. I am sure it will be beautiful when its finished though.

Enjoy your mandala.

Stitcher said...

It looks lovely.

Vida said...

Thanks for writing this.