Monday, April 9, 2007

Back And Brighter

Hi everyone. I'm back from a few days away with DH and DD and feeling lots better for it. Thanks so much for the comments from Sally, Julie, Jacqui, Kim and Susan, they are really appreciated. Hugs to you all.
I think life just got on top of me for a few days and I needed to take a step back and get my priorities straight again. Won't go into it all in detail but we found out which school DD will start in September and it's not the one we wanted for her. We've considered appealing but have decided after a lot of soulsearching and being told by friends who have children already at school that it is not just the school the provides the education, it it a child's upbringing. So on the plus side she will be going to school with her best friend and it is just down the road from us. I've been looking into the out of school club etc since finding out and I think she will be fine.
Work has also been a pain recently. We always seem to have a few clients at any one time who are a nightmare, very rude, and always on the phone hassling us. They don't seem to realise that when we are on the phone to them we are not able to get on with their matter! I also had had a bad episode with a couple of clients recently which shook me up and made me feel like I'd done something wrong, but this last week my boss also had a run in with the same clients which whilst it was not nice for her, did make me realise that it's the clients that have the problem, not me.
As for my stitching, last week I should have been stitching on my HAED Tomboy QS, but the mood I was in, when it came to it I just couldn't face it, and went back to my Chatelaine Lavender Mandala I'm doing as a SAL with Julie and Sally. I knew that I wouldn't stitch at all if it meant staying with Tomboy, so bang went the rotation again. That upset me as well for a few days. I know lots of people follow rotations successfully and I seem to manage for a few weeks then just lose it which I find frustrating, but I keep coming back to the fact that this is my hobby and not something that should make me unhappy. I have enough things in real life that do that lol. So rather than a strict rotation for now I'm going to stitch on things that are screaming, but keep doing at least one evening on the rug a week which I want to get finished first of my large WIP's.


Stitcher said...

Lisa, glad you had a nice time. I know what you mean about clients upsetting you, they're called customers in my job, but it's them that have the problem. I also have tried rotation, and it doesn't really work for me, I cannot stick to it. I am not always able to stitch each day. I have my own rotation, I stitch what I want, when I want, in no particular order. Like you I wish I could do a rotation, but I just cannot stick to it. I do belong a group where we have quarterly goals, and that seems to work OK for me, I just look every now and again what I want to do or finish. Hugs.

Julie said...

welcome back from your mini holiday Lisa, we missed you

sometimes life has a habit of taking you down a pathway that you are not happy with, maybe with DD being with a close friend she will settle into school life quicker and enjoy her time there, that makes for a happier mummy and daddy too

enjoy your stitching and don't worry about the rotation, you know how i work it, if it's urgent do it now, if not do it when i feel like it LOL


Karen said...

I dont like sticking to rotations I like to stitch what I want when I want ;o)
Glad you feel brighter after your little break

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Lisa, I have left a message for you on my blog, think I can help with your rotation problems lol.

Claire said...

Glad to see you back in action Lisa.

Huggles to you and the family!


Jacqui said...

Welcome back Lisa, great to see you posting again. I've tried several times to do a rotation but then I get engrossed in a particular project and everything else is forgotten. I just go with the flow, it's so much easier.

Sally said...

Welcome back Lisa. Good to see you posting again and it was good to chat to you again on MSN yesterday.

Susan said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. Sometimes life just gets in the way doesn't it!