Friday, December 15, 2006

I Am In Shock

Over on the Tranquil Stitches BB the wonderful Shirl has been organising something called Santa's Stash & Cash. The idea was that people would contribute any items of stash that they wished, to be split into Santa's Sacks. Members of the BB could then for a small amount purchase chances at winning one of the Sacks, and all the money collected would go into a pot and those who had contributed stash would get chances at winning a share of the cash.
With christmas coming up we haven't got a lot of spare cash, so I sent just a few dollars to purchase chances. I was online this afternoon when Vicki Clayton drew the names of the winners of the sacks for Shirl as an independent person. Now let me tell you, I NEVER win raffles or anything like that, the lottery, bingo, anything, I've always been so unlucky and accepted that was the way it was. Jana won sack 1, Karen won sack 2 and then sack 3 was drawn, and I saw the name Lisa, and on DD's life I couldn't believe it, I was sure they were teasing me! I won sack 3!!!!!!
Now for someone so addicted to stash and always dreaming about more, I am in heaven. I keep going to look at the pics of the sack and the list of things included, and I'm still in a daze. This is going to be one fab parcel to look forward to after christmas!!!!
On the stitching front I've been looking at my stash list again, trying to decide on things I'd like to stitch, or at least start stitching in 2007, and I keep coming back to the same ones, so I've decided to post my list of them and then just go with the flow. If I do well then great, if not I might end up with more WIP's in a year's time hehe.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Lisa, well done on your win. Julie xxxx

Claire said...

Congratulations Lisa - you deserve a win - especially stash!!