Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Withdrawals & IStitch Mystery SAL

We're away in our caravan in Derbyshire at the moment and are having to go back to basics somewhat lol. I have no signal at all on my IPhone on the site and so can't get my usual fix of Facebook, blog reading, collecting & replying to my emails etc & I must admit I'm having withdrawal symptoms, never realized how much I rely on my phone til I can't use it lol. We went to Carsington Water today where I did get a signal so quickly downloaded my emails & checked Facebook before my right arm was cut off again ;) David on the other hand is having withdrawals because as well as no phone signal the site has barely any tv reception lol! Now don't get us wrong, when we go away in the caravan we maybe watch an hour of tv a day if that, after Erin has gone to sleep on a night usually, but choosing not to watch it & not being able to are very different things I guess.
So I think this week we will be reading even more than usual, & hopefully I'll have more stitching progress to show as well.
Tonight & last night were spent doing Part 2 of Carol's IStitch Mystery SAL. When Carol emailed this part it looked to me like it was going to be a quick stitch but I had the hardest time with it, the frogs appeared & just wouldn't leave. Can you believe it took me four attempts before I finally got the C right?! Anyway it's finished now & has gone away for another 10 days or so til Part 3 is released.

Tomorrow I'll be hopefully making some progress on the baby gift for my friend.
Have written this as a draft post in the hope that if we go out for the day on Tuesday I'll be able to post it, so if you're reading this we did reach civilization for a while at least lol.

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Claire said...

Whats the caravan site called? We stayed at a place near Carsington Waters whicj we enjoyed walking around and playing in the park!! Hope you have a relaxing holiday with lots of stitching, reading and family time xxx

Sheila said...

I know exactly how you feel about your iPhone i rarely sit at my computer these days the iPhone/iPad are so convenient . I am going away for two weeks and there is a very weak signal but I am hoping I will be able to link into a Bt fon spot :). I love the SAL and look forward to watching it progress as the weeks go by. Enjoy the rest of your time at the caravan.

Sally said...

Hope you're having a great time Lisa. Wish you were here lol. Love your mystery progress. I did mine over the weekend and really enjoyed it. {{{{hugs}}}}

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your SAL. Sorry the frogs decided to pay a visit. Hope you have a great holiday.

jane said...

I know what you mean Lisa - I am lost when I can't get a signal on my Blackberry!
Love your SAL, wish I had joined this!

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Just wanted to say that I think your stitching is lovely.

Glad I stopped by.


Rachael xxx said...

I hope you are enjoying yourself, from a resident from Derby LOL
My kids love Carsington,especially the park there.