Saturday, March 19, 2011

Garnet Progress

I've finished the front of my gift but can't show a pic so you're going to have to wait a bit longer I'm afraid. I'm hoping to get started on the back and then making it up soon, then it will be winging it's way to it's new home, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
I can however show an updated pic of my HAED QS Garnet which I'm stitching using HDF silks. I'm so frustrated with the pics of this I keep taking, they make it look all blocky and like the colours are totally wrong, but in real life I'm loving it and it's really starting to take shape this week.No other stitching to show I'm afraid, but hope to be back soon!

P.S. Heather, the JBW Designs A Very Merry Spring is stitched using a Hand Dyed Fibers silk called Pastel Rainbow.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on Garnet.

jane said...

Garnet is looking very nice Lisa.

Sally said...

Beautiful progress Lisa. Those colours are so pretty.

Gizzimomo said...

Great stitching, looks fantastic!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its looking wonderful to me!!!

Lynn B said...

Hi Lisa,

Thankyou for the lovely comment on my afternoon tea post.

I agree that LHN are such pretty designs, I just loooove them.

Your work in progress projects look wonderful and I see you like 40 count, I really must try it someday, where do you get yours from?

Lynn B said...

Hi Lisa,

Oooo I get my cross stitch from Sew and So too, I am going to buy some 40ct next time I order something but thankyou so much for offering me a piece to try!