Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Happy 1st Day Of Advent everyone!
DD was up before the alarm this morning she was so anxious to open the first window in her Hello Kitty Advent Calendar lol. DH opened his Stig calendar as well and both proceeded to eat their cheap choc at 7am. Me being a good girl opened my Cadbury's (yummy choc) calendar and have left my cracker shaped choc on the side to have later when my evening choc craving hits.
So, time to announce the winner of my giveaway. I used a random number generator which gave me the number 2, and on looking at the comments the winner is....


Congratulations Jane, can you please email me your full address, along with your favourite colours, and I will be sending you a surprise something in the next few months, hopefully sooner rather than later but definitely in the New Year.
And just before I go, I had a new start today, LHN Winter Whites for the LHN Winter SAL that I'm doing with Sally, Chris, Lesleyanne, Claire and Hazel. I've been wanting to start this for so long, and have had it kitted and ready to go for a couple of weeks. I almost started it yesterday as I've had a terrible couple of days with several crisis' around here and I really needed a pick me up, but I was good and waited til about 9.30am today lol. My attention span is obviously not great as I'm skipping about allover the place with it right now, playing with the colours and just getting a feel for it, but I'm loving it so far and think it's just what I needed. Will hopefully have a pic to show next post.


jane said...

Oh what a lovely surprise - thanks so much Lisa, I am thrilled to have won!
Email on it's way.

Claire said...

Congratulations Jane!!!

Not started the LHN SAL as my threads are still in transit! I dont think the posties were working around here today xxx

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations Jane. I started my Ponsietta House. I have been looking forward to this SAL for soooo long now.

Sally said...

Congratulations Jane!!!

I started PH last night and am loving it! Can't wait to get it out again tonight!

Michelle said...

Well done Jane xx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrast to Jane!