Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's SO cold here today, just got back from collecting DD from school and as soon as I started walking down the road I was frozen, it's going to take me a while to thaw out I think lol. Mind you, I'll take nice blue skies, sun and cold like we've had today over the high winds and heavy rain of the last several days, I've felt so miserable with it and have just wanted to hibernate.
We had a busy weekend last weekend with it being Bonfire Night in the UK which meant a visit to the local Round Table bonfire and firework display on Saturday. I used to love to go as a child and it only seems to get better each year, and now Erin loves it as well. The local fire station also open up and do pie and peas, hot dogs etc beforehand to raise funds for charity and we love to make the most of that as well. Then we were invited to a belated 40th birthday party later on the Saturday night which was great fun, although I haven't had so much to drink in a LOT of years, and spent most of Sunday in bed dying lol.
But apart from the busy weekend I have been managing to keep stitching and am really pleased with my progress mostly.HAED QS Alisha now has another block of rows finished and is ready for me to start the next section down next week.Waxing Moon's Spooky Greetings Bellpull now has a witch on her broomstick flying across the moon, and I've started the tree in the graveyard below. Although I didn't want to stitch on this last week as I knew it was going to be black, black and more black for the witch I actually really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to getting it back out tonight for some more stitches. I'm really wanting to try to finish this in November before I start LHN Winter Whites for the December Winter SAL I'm doing with Sally, Chris, Lesleyanne and Claire, but I realised last week that I was starting to rush my stitching again and making myself too many deadlines, which lead to me losing my mojo altogether earlier in the year, so I've relaxed again and fingers crossed it will get finished, but if not it doesn't really matter.The only one which didn't get much attention was my Personalised Sampler this week as I usually stitch on this on Fri and Sat while Sally stitches on Shores. What you can see, a little more progress on the top border is what I managed to get done on Friday. I didn't get any stitching in on Saturday as we were out and then although I had planned to stitch on it instead on Sunday, that didn't happen lol. Hopefully this weekend will see better progress.
I noticed the other day that my blog has now reached 50 followers plus it is my blogoversary on the 14th November I think! So, I've been trying to decide on a contest. What would you like the chance to win? A chart or some threads or fabbie maybe? A surprise? Right now I'm struggling to decide so thought I'd throw it open to you to help me choose lol. Let me know what sort of thing you'd like the chance to win and I'll decide and post the contest when I next blog.


Hazel said...

Ooooh Lisa, lovely wips! Your haed is sooo neat! Mine is a bit all over the place but it gets done eventually. Hey I think I might have winter whites in my stash. Could I join you all for the SAL pretty please?? Be lovely to have an excuse to stitch that. Oooh giveaway - anything you decide will be lovely my dear! x

Ann in Scotland. said...

I know what you mean, when I put too much pressure on myself to complete stitching or knitting I get stressed about it and that's not what it's all about.

jane said...

I know what you mean Lisa - it's freezing here too.
Love your WIPs and looking forward to seeing Winter Whites.
I used to love the Round Table firework display when I was a child.
A giveaway sounds lovely - personally I wouldn't mind what it was as i love surprises!

Sally said...

You are making brilliant progress on everything Lisa. it's so good to see you enjoying your stitching again and blogging :)

Whatever you decide for giveaway :) Surprises are always nice! {{{hugs}}}

Karan said...

Hope you've thawed out! Sounds like a lovely Bonfire weekend... apart from the Sunday in bed dying. LOL The WIP's look great. :0)

Brigitte said...

We also had a couple of very frosty nights in the last two weeks, and in the higher regions it was already snowing. But for today they forecast a sunny and warm day.
You have some very lovely WIPs on the go.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow everything just looks so fantastic!!! Don't get burnt out!

Pumpkin said...

It's getting colder here too and winter will be around the corner. We're still lucky though because 'S' has not reached us yet ;o)

Love seeing pictures of your WIPs. Your personalized sampler is gorgeous!

Congrats on having that many followers!