Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted, don't know where on earth that time has gone, and so much has happened.
First of all mid-December we went to Lapland and had an absolutely amazing time. I've added a few photos below but don't want to bore you all with loads. If anyone does want to see more please let me know and I'll point you in the direction of my photobucket album.
Family Fun In The Snow
Husky Sleigh Ride
Snow Angel
When we returned things were manic with christmas and me finishing work coming up so I didn't get much stitching done at all, but I did manage to finish the Prairie Schooler Snowy Cabin ornament from this years JCS Ornament Mag. Now silly Lisa didn't remember to take a close up pic of it before the christmas decs went away, so you're going to have to make do with a pic of our whole tree after santa's visit lol. If you look just to the right of the centre where there is a snowman ornament you can hopefully see it lol.
Then at Christmas I officially finished work and became a stay at home mum. Although financially things are now very different, so far this is the best thing that could have happened for our family. The number of people who have commented on how well I look and how relaxed I am is silly, DH constantly has a smile on his face because I'm not permanently in tears and dreading work and therefore taking it out on them, and Erin thinks it's better than all her christmases put together. I've signed up to volunteer at Erin's school a couple of hours a week, I start one part-time course next week and another the week after and I am so excited about doing something new. Of course I'm still looking for a job in the hope I can find something suitable during school hours, but in the meantime I'm just enjoying being home and having the opportunity to learn new things and get more involved with Erin's schooling.
Stitching wise I have nothing else to show as yet. I decided at the end of last year that I really want to just concentrate on my HAED Cabin In The Woods, Cirque and last year's Papillon mystery HDYGG for a while and see if I can actually finish Cirque or HDYGG before I start anything else (other than small projects). I pulled out Cirque at New Year and so far I've been stitching solely on it. I've finished half of my 4th page and for now am just keeping going with it until I get bored, at which point I'll move onto Cabin or HDYGG for a while. Saying that, I am planning on a small new start on my Birthday next week lol. I like to have a small project in my bag for if I'm out and about and have a spare 5 mins or so to stitch at anytime, and don't have one on the go at the moment, so I'm allowing myself a guilt free new start with Country Cottage/Crescent Colours Cottage Garden thread pack to look forward to spring!
Well, I think I've waffled enough for now. I promise to try to update again before another month goes by, but my next job is to start catching up on all your blogs!
Bye for now, Happy Stitching!


Claire said...

So glad that things are turning around for you. Lapland looks lush - would love to go there sometime myself.

Enjoy your stitching!
Claire X

Sally said...

Lovely photos, Lisa, and I love your tree.

You sound much happier in this post. It's so good to hear you sounding much happier and I hope everything works out well for you.

Nicola said...

Looks like you all had a great time in Lapland.

Looking forward to seeing your new start on the Cottage Garden thread packs. I stitched three of those last year and they are really lovely to stitch.

Karan said...

Great pics. It's good to read such a positive & upbeat post - so glad things are going so well for you all. May 2009 be filled with many Blessings for you. :0)