Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally I Have Pics!

I've been working on my HAED Cabin In The Woods for the last couple of weeks and finally today finished page 12 which is my 4th page! I think I'm approx 17-18% done with this now which doesn't sound too bad, but when I look at the huge piece of fabric it seems like I've hardly done any! But it is wonderful to finally be seeing the cabin appearing before my eyes.
And as promised here is a pic of part 5 of the Papillon mystery which I finished a couple of weeks ago.
Next up I want to try to finish off an xmas ornament I'm stitching for a private exchange I'm in, not sure how it will go because of the shape but will see. I also have a little stocking on the way to stitch up for another exchange I'm taking part in and I want to stitch an ornament for our tree, so it's going to be xmas stitching for a while to come for me, but I'm looking forward to it.
Now onto my PIF, I have to say I'm disappointed that no-one has signed up for it, just hoping everyone doesn't think that my stitching is that bad... I'm going to contact Hazel to see if she wants me to drop out of her PIF but if she does think it's ok for me to still take part I guess I will do some randon PIF's instead for people who I think might appreciate it.
That's it for today, happy stitching everyone!


Sally said...

Cabin is looking fantsatic Lisa as is your Pap SAL.

I know how disappointed you must feel over the PIF. It is disheartening and you do start thinking that people don't like what you stitch. I've felt like in the past. I'm having a blogerversary draw and am dreading it if no one signs up. {{{{hugs}}}}

Stitcher said...

Lovely progress pics. Don't be disheartened that no one signed up for your PIF, I had this problem too a while back. It's there loss not yours.

Angela said...

Lovely stitching, the blues on the Cabin are gorgeous.

I put a PIF onto my blog last week and the only person who has signed up is a none-sticther, maybe it's the time of year.

jane said...

Hi Lisa - I would have signed up for your PIF ( cos I've seen your lovely stitching)but didn't think anyone would sign up for

~Kim~ said...

WOW, your cabin is so growing! Thanks for sharing the pic, I need to get cracking on my Cabin.


Anonymous said...

Cabin is looking fantastic!

I would have signed up too but (a) I have lost my need/want to stitch and (b) I don't feel able to return the favour on my blog at this moment in time :)

Your stitching is fab though so don't be thinking like that I think people are just manic with xmas preparations and also there has been loads of PIFs popping up at the moment so everyone may be PIFed out :)

Stitchingranny said...

Both beautiful WIPs Lisa.

Chiloe said...

I admire so much to stitch and keep stitching that HAED !!!

By the way, how do you manage to have the picture with your blog list? WHat is your secret ????

Anonymous said...

lovely wip's Lisa, you're stitching is lovely
I've never taken pat in a pif, not 100% sure what's involved. But i think it may just be the wrong time of year, I may think about it in the new year

Imogen Montana said...


your HAED looks great! What beautiful detail..good work.

Sorry to hear about your PIF...I was certainly interested but also have xmas presents, two round robins, and a bunch of uni work to get through...