Sunday, March 9, 2008

Have You Seen My Mojo?

I have realised this weekend that my stitching mojo has gone missing, don't know where I saw it last and haven't a clue where to find it, any ideas?
I don't feel that 2008 so far has been great for me, I don't know about anyone else. The weather has been awful, high winds, loads of rain, very cold, but not much sun. I know that that definitely affects my mood, I NEED sun to give me some get up and go and optimism.
Then there was my really low mood which lead to me stopping my medication, the following withdrawal symptoms and then the tonsillitus! And now, don't ask me how, but I trapped a nerve in my neck/shoulder the middle of last week and have been in pain since. It doesn't feel too bad first thing on a morning but gets worse as the day goes on, and by evening I can't get any relief or get comfy. I've had the same thing a few times before, first on one side and then the other, with no explanation and it's really painful, but it hadn't happened for a couple of months. After talking with DH I tend to agree with him that it's due to my weight and the way I'm sleeping on a night somehow, but not sure.
So my stitching has been few and far between. I finished my 2nd page on Sally's RR by doing it a motif at a time every few days and will be sending it onto Jane on Wed, but other than that not done much at all, haven't even managed to take a pic yet. This weekend is the HAED SAL Challenge and I should be working on Romeo & Juliet. It doesn't help that for some reason I just can't get into this, I've worked on it on several occasions now and it just doesn't seem to flow for me. I have put in a couple of hundred stitches so it's all progress, but again it will be going away with me annoyed with myself over it.
I've also started the March Challenge piece on Stitch & Stash. Can't say what colours or fabbie I'm using, or what I'm planning for it, but it's started, and even that isn't grabbing my attention.
So you see why I think my mojo is lost? I decided to brighten up my blog a bit with Easter colours and see if that helps brighten me up in turn. I have thought about another new start, but nothing is really calling to me, and none of my other wips seem to be even whimpering, so maybe I just need a break from it, although I always worry when I'm like this that it's never going to come back.


Paperfaerie said...

Loving the new look...I will start a search party for your mojo...I am sure we will get lots of volunteers! Hope you find it really soon...BIG HUGS

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Lisa join the club - that is exactly how i feel at the moment. I havent even done Queen of the Needle today I just couldnt be bothered to stitch. Im hoping I might feel like doing it in the next day or two as have enjoyed it up to now.

Im blaming the weather.